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Nature is my Cathedral...

This is my home where I can surrender myself into the world that surrounds me and my thoughts! I take the trail of reason with my ancestors in the Cathedral of Nature. Nature is sacred!

As a retired architect I have always had a passion for literary works, art, and photography. Now I have time for all three. Most of my written pieces have been composed to record my personal experiences, observations, and thoughts without ever anticipating any publication. I write for myself but re-write for others. Over the years I have written my share (maybe more) of "letters-to-the-editor" expressing my views. I tend to be outspoken on art, education, social, environmental, political, land development, and many other community issues.


In the art world, I have initiated many programs in DeLand, Florida, such as the Street Sculpture program, the Utility Box Art Project, and the Miniature Art program. In addition, I set up the concept of the Monarch Butterfly Mural in the downtown area, placed two artsy pianos on the street for public use, plus various other projects. The impact of these projects will be felt for many years. Through my efforts (and many others) in working with the City of DeLand and the Museum of Art-DeLand, the Art-in-Public-Places program has a very bright future for Art, Culture, and Entertainment.


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